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August 30, 2010
MSDN white paper: Creating and Publishing Excel 2010 Documents with Custom SharePoint 2010 Workflows
October 27, 2010

Speaking at the Fall 2010 SharePoint Connections Conference

I’ll be presenting at SharePoint Connections again this fall in Las Vegas, NV.  The event runs from November 1-5 and, as always, should be a great time to network, see friends from around the world, and learn some great things.

This time I have four sessions on the schedule, here are the session details.  The first three sessions are developer, code based sessions.  The last session is a no-code solution session.  I hope to see you there!

HDEV10: Creating Custom Line of Business Solutions with Business Connectivity Services

Business Connectivity Services and Microsoft SharePoint Server provide developers an excellent platform to quickly build line of business applications upon. The BDC and SharePoint make connecting to data in external systems and working with it easier than ever before. This session shows how to combine External Content Types, External Lists, .NET Assembly Connectors, External Data Web Parts, and the SharePoint search service to search, create, read, update, and delete data from multiple external data sources. In this session, you will learn how to create and configure all of these components to create a powerful line-of-business application with the SharePoint platform.

HDEV11: Building Custom Applications (mashups) on the SharePoint Platform

Custom applications which combine components from several different systems, services, and data sources are more commonplace in today’s world than ever before, not to mention they are usually the most fun to build! This session shows how to combine Business Connectivity Services, the SharePoint Client Object Model, SharePoint Search, Silverlight, Bing Maps, the Digital Assets Library (Images & Videos), SharePoint list data, and even SharePoint’s new rating functionality to create a “mashup” application that provides a wide variety of functionality. In this session, you will learn how to combine all of these components to create eye catching applications that provide a wide variety of functionality.

HDEV12: Creating Custom Workflows and Reusable Workflow Activities for SharePoint Designer

Complex business processes often demand custom coded workflows. Understanding how to reuse pieces of the custom workflows you create saves time and effort in the future and empowers end users to create their own workflows with custom activities inside them. In the long run, taking this approach saves your IT department time and money. This session demonstrates how to create custom workflows with Visual Studio 2010 which use out-of-the-box workflow activities, as well as custom-coded workflow activities. This session also demonstrates how to create custom workflow activities that may be reused inside of SharePoint Designer workflows. In this session, you will learn how to create custom coded workflows and activities in Visual Studio 2010 and how to package, deploy, and reuse them in SharePoint Designer workflows.

HNCS04: Visually Creating Visually Compelling Workflows (Without Writing Any Code!)

Modeling SharePoint workflows has never been easier to do, and understanding the current state of a workflow status has never been easier on the eyes! Microsoft Visio and SharePoint Designer are now capable of modeling, editing, configuring, and deploying workflows to SharePoint sites and lists. Additionally, the Visio Graphics Service now provides the ability to represent the status of a workflow in a visual manner! This session demonstrates how to create a SharePoint workflow in Microsoft Visio and export it to SharePoint Designer. The session goes on to demonstrate how to edit the workflow in SharePoint designer, add a custom coded workflow activity to it, and publish it to a SharePoint site as a reusable workflow. Finally, the session demonstrates how to configure workflow visualizations with the Visio Graphics Service to see the current state of a workflow. In this session, you will learn how to create a SharePoint workflow in Microsoft Visio, make changes to it in SharePoint Designer, publish it to a SharePoint site, configure the Visio Graphics Service, and visually view the status of the workflow as represented in the workflow diagram.