SharePoint Conference 2009 SPC 405 Session Materials
November 3, 2009
HOW TO: Create a Searchable SharePoint 2010 BDC .NET Assembly Connector Which Reads From A Flat File
November 5, 2009

SharePoint Conference 2009 Follow Up & Session Materials

It was quite a week in Las Vegas at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2009!  Wow, what a long way the product has come!  I can remember several years ago speaking at SharePoint conferences and seeing only a few dozen people attending many of the sessions.  That’s certainly not the case anymore.  In fact, SharePoint has grown so much that now the conferences come complete with live bands and fireworks!

My wife and I embraced the 80’s spirit during the beach party Tuesday night at the Mandalay Bay.  We were surprised to find only few handfuls of folks were taking the same approach.  🙂  On Wednesday Richard Riley pointed out to me that there was a picture floating around on CommNet of my wife and I.  I saw the picture (below) on a computer near the registration desks later that day on my way to meet with the Patterns & Practices group and started laughing out loud.  You can find all the SharePoint Conference 2009 80s Beach Partyphotos on flickr.

Rocking Out On The Beach

On Wednesday I presented the SPC 405 – Business Connectivity Services Runtime and Object Model Deep Dive session.  I was surprised to see several hundred folks show up for a 400 level session about the BCS during this new technology’s infancy stages.  It really goes to show, once again, how prevalent SharePoint has become.  You can find the code samples from the session here.

As if our shenanigans on Tuesday night were not enough, we decided to renew our vows on Thursday with the King of Rock ‘n Roll himself, Mr. Elvis Presley!  Rob Barker and his wonderful wife Christine also renewed their vows in tandem with us during a hilarious wedding ceremony (if you can call it that).  🙂  Several friends and colleagues joined us for the ceremony and made it just that much more fun for all of us.  If you’re in the mood for some laughs you can watch it here.

Just Married! (Again)