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June 20, 2013
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July 1, 2013

We’re really excited to announce the release of a new and improved SPS Events Mobile application!  The original SharePoint Saturday Mobile app has been rebranded to match the new SPS Events branding and we added many new features to the application as well.  You can read more about them below.

Kudos go out to Darrin Bishop and Eric Harlan for their work to move the database and service which supports the mobile app from Azure to the SPS Events servers.  This move will give us more control over the application and make it easier to add new events to the application going forward.

spseventsLast weekend the new release of the app was used by SPS Silicon Valley attendees and received many good reviews.  In case you are curious, a total of 190 folks used the app during the Silicon Valley event and it was only promoted with two Tweets.  That’s pretty good reach right out of the gate!  Android users led the pack with 121 users installing and using the app, IOS came in at second place with 40, and Windows Phone accounted for 29.  It is going to be interesting to see how SPS Events in different geographies affect the device distribution metrics.

Read on below to learn more about the app, how you can get it, and answers to many frequently asked questions.  Please spread the word to all the SPS Events organizers and attendees you know so they can take advantage of this free mobile app and get the most out of their SPS Events experience with it.


When you attend an SPS Events conference you need to find out where the event is and how to get there, what time it starts and ends, what sessions are available to attend, who the presenters are, what room the sessions are in, what time they begin, etc. SPS Events Mobile will put all of this information at your fingertips as well as giving you the ability to build your own personal event schedule and submit feedback about the event and the sessions you attend.

How to get it

The SPS Events Mobile application is now available for Apple, Android, and Windows Phone devices! SPS Events Mobile supplements an SPS Events event nicely by making important conference related information readily available on mobile devices.

You can find the SPS Events Mobile application in the Apple, Google, and Microsoft marketplaces at the following links.  These links also include screenshots of the SPS Mobile application.

Apple | Google | Microsoft

Features and functionality

  • Cross device compatibility
  • View announcements for an SPS Event
  • Browse upcoming SPS Events
  • Search for upcoming SPS Events
  • View individual SPS Events details including:
    Date, time, location, Bing map, link to event web site, Twitter hash tag, event contact information
  • Contact an event organizer
  • Submit feedback about the application
  • Search and browse the sessions for each SPS Events
  • Browse speaker details for each session
  • Browse all the sessions a speaker is presenting
  • Allow users to log into the application and personalize it for the SPS Event they are attending. This includes the following things.
    • Select which SPS Events you are attending
    • Browse sessions and add them to your personal schedule for a given SPS Events
    • View your personal session schedule
    • Add sessions to your personal email calendar
    • Submit session evaluations
    • Submit event evaluations

Spread the Word!

Everyone at SPS Events is very excited about SPS Events Mobile and we’re looking forward to seeing it grow quickly in subsequent phases! Please spread the word on Twitter with hash tag #SPSMOBILE.

Frequently asked questions

What devices does the SPS Events Mobile application support?

The SPS Events Mobile application is available on several mobile devices including Apple, Android, and Windows Phone devices.

Who created SPS Events Mobile?

The SPS Events mobile application is brought to you by Canviz Consulting and the Darrin Bishop Group. Todd Baginski, Vice President of Mobility and SharePoint Solutions at Canviz Consulting, and Darrin Bishop, President of the Darrin Bishop Group, lead the architecture and development efforts for the mobile application. Todd and Darrin, both SharePoint MVPs, have a passion for mobile technologies and lead the effort to build the mobile application to enhance the SPS experience for attendees around the world.

How can I submit feedback?

If you have a suggestion to help improve SPS Events Mobile, or you encounter what appears to be a bug, please email us and let us know.

Does SPS Events Mobile integrate with Twitter?

Right now SPS Events Mobile displays the Twitter hash tag for a SPS event if one is known. In the future, the application may likely support the ability to Tweet about a given SPS event directly from the application.

Does SPS Events Mobile integrate with Facebook or LinkedIn?

Currently there are no plans for this level of integration.

Does SPS Events Mobile integrate with the SPS Events web sites?

Currently, SPS Events Mobile provides links to the web site for each SPS Event. In subsequent phases the application will integrate directly with the SPS Events web sites. Specifically, the event details, session details, speaker details, personal schedules, and the ability to submit event and session feedback will be available in both places.