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April 1, 2009
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May 18, 2009

SharePoint On The Web and AdventureWorks Travel Site Installer Released!

New content was added to the web site last week!  This content includes the SharePoint on the web modules and the much anticipated release of the AdventureWorks Travel Site installer!

Update:  Download the installer here:

The new SharePoint On The Web modules cover the following topics:

  • Getting Started with SharePoint Development on the Web
  • Site Structure and Branding
  • Custom Field Types and Mode
  • FBA Authentication
  • Web Interoperability
  • SharePoint Search
  • Content Deployment
  • Minimal Publishing Site Definition
  • Enabling Social Networking
  • Silverlight and SharePoint

The AdventureWorks Travel site is used throughout the modules to demonstrate the concepts.  If you haven’t seen the AdventureWorks travel site before, check out the screen shot below.

AdventureWorks Travel Site