MSDN White Paper: Integrating Mobile Client Applications with SharePoint 2010 Workflows
November 24, 2010
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December 25, 2010

Published: Guidance For SharePoint 2010 Architects and Developers

During the latter portion of 2009 and a good portion of 2010 I was privileged to work with the MS Patterns and Practices team to create the Developing Applications for SharePoint 2010MSDN documentation.  This MSDN documentation includes in depth technical documentation which covering the core aspects of SharePoint 2010 development, several easy to deploy reference implementations based on realistic real world scenarios, a large set of HOW TO articles, and a library of utility classes you can use to enhance your own SharePoint applications.

In case you have not read the guidance yet, here are some of the helpful HOW TOs you will find in the guidance.  Wow!  What a list … and that’s not even all of them!

Throughout the project the content in the guidance was validated by the SharePoint product engineers, SharePoint MVPs, and several SharePoint industry experts.  I’m happy to say the core content from the guidance is now available in the form of a book Designing Solutions for Microsoft SharePoint 2010: Making the right architecture and implementation decisions.

Go check it out, this is a fantastic resource every SharePoint architect and developer should read.