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April 28, 2011
Creating Mashup Applications In SharePoint 2010
July 6, 2011

Microsoft just released the SharePoint 2010 and Windows Azure Training Course

The SharePoint 2010 and Windows Azure Training Course helps you learn many different ways to integrate SharePoint and Windows Azure.  The kit contains eight modules including PowerPoint decks, hands-on labs, and source code showing how the SharePoint 2010 platform and Windows Azure platform can work together.

I had the pleasure of working with Steve Fox, Girish Raja, Paul Stubbs, and Ravi Vridhagiri to create many of the modules in the course.  Here’s a partial list of some helpful things the course shows you how to do.

  • Replicating SharePoint Timer Job functionality with Azure resources.  This is a fantastic pattern to use when you are in a SharePoint Online / O365 / other hosted SharePoint environment and you cannot deploy full trust solutions.
  • Using jQuery to call Azure Services.  This pattern is also sandbox compatible.  It allows you to create Web Parts that communicate with Azure Services.
  • Integrating Business Connectivity Services (BCS) with SQL Azure.  This pattern demonstrates how the BCS and External Lists may be used to create sandbox compatible solutions that consume BCS data from SQL Azure.  It even shows how to display the BCS data on a Bing Map.

More modules are currently under development, keep an eye out for them.