Upcoming SharePoint 2013 Developer Sessions!
July 25, 2012
Accessing BCS External Data From An App For SharePoint 2013
September 6, 2012

A few hours ago I found out I’ll be presenting at the Microsoft SharePoint Conference 2012 in Las Vegas, Nevada.
Here are the three sessions I will present.

Building end-to-end SharePoint Apps with Windows Azure, Windows 8 and Windows Phone 8

I’m really looking forward to co-presenting this session with Donovan Follette! This session truly has it all, or at least it comes really close! In this session you will see how the following technologies may be used to build a line of business application in an end to end scenario.

Windows 8 Application
Windows Azure MVC 4 Web Sites
Windows Azure Mobile Services (Toast and Tile Notification for Windows 8 apps)
Windows Azure SQL Database
SharePoint Hosted Apps
Provider Hosted Apps
Windows Azure Workflow Server
Automatic Document Generation In Windows Azure
Mail Apps For Office (Word Specifically)
Yammer Integration
O365 SharePoint Public Site
O365 SharePoint Private Site
Excel Services
External Event Receivers

I’m not kidding, it’s really all in this session!

Enhancing Reach and Accessibility with New Mobility Features in SharePoint 2013

Is mobility what you are looking to learn more about? If so, come check out this session. This session demonstrates how to take existing web sites built on SharePoint 2010 and enhance and upgrade them with the new mobility capabilities SharePoint 15 offers. In this session, real world examples show how the mobility enhancements in SharePoint 15 make it easier than ever before to provide robust, mobile enabled views of SharePoint web sites to any mobile device. During the demos in this session, multiple devices including mobile phones, tablets, and laptops will be used to show the web sites rendering specifically for each device.

Building Cloud-hosted apps for SharePoint with PHP and node.JS

Are you new to SharePoint, or do you also work with technologies like PHP and node.JS? If so, this is the session for you. In this session I’ll demonstrate how to make a provider hosted SharePoint app that integrates with a PHP web site running on Windows Azure. I’ll show how to call into SharePoint from the PHP web site and also how to integrate with data sources outside of SharePoint via a node.JS endpoint. This session demonstrates how folks who don’t use .NET or other MS web technologies can build their own SharePoint apps.

Hope to see you a the conference! Just a week or two left until ski season!!!!