Where is the Excel Workbook my PowerApps app uses as a data source?
September 3, 2019
Speaking At Microsoft Ignite 2019
October 18, 2019

Scan your PowerApps and Flow Packages with the Canviz Power Platform Scanner now!

Several methods in the Office 365 Outlook connector will soon be deprecated. If your PowerApps and Flows use the methods they will break!

Learn more in this Microsoft Flow Team Blog Post.

Are your PowerApps and Flows at risk because they use these methods?

Here’s what the Canviz Power Platform Scanner does to help you find out.

  • Scans PowerApps and Flows export packages for the soon to be deprecated methods.
  • Provides you a report that lets you know if your PowerApps and Flows are using any of the methods.
  • Provides you links to the new methods you should use to replace any deprecated methods that are found.
  • The Canviz Power Platform Scanner does not store any of your code.

In this video I demonstrate how to scan PowerApps and Flows for deprecated Office 365 Outlook connector methods.