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August 9, 2018
Microsoft Ignite 2018 – Theater Sessions Follow Up Materials
September 25, 2018

One common thing people want to implement in PowerApps is ‘Like’ functionality, just like you see on Facebook, or LinkedIn.

This video demonstrates how to add ‘Like’ functionality to PowerApps.  In the video I extend the Shoutouts PowerApps sample template and provide the ability for users to ‘Like’ Shoutouts in the app. I also demonstrate the following concepts:

  • How to display how many likes a Shoutout has.
  • How to ensure someone can only ‘Like’ a Shoutout once.
  • How to display pictures for the people who liked a Shoutout.

The Shoutouts PowerApps sample template uses Excel as a data source, but the same approach may be used for any back end data source.

You can get the Shoutouts PowerApp sample template on