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Shoutouts PowerApp Demo Walkthrough & Setup Instructions

20 November 2017


 November 20, 2017

Microsoft just released the second in a series of 10 Microsoft PowerApp Templates that demonstrate how to make PowerApps that integrate with Office 365 Products and Services.  My team and I are thrilled to be working on the team that is building them with Microsoft!  You can read more about this series of PowerApps on the PowerApps team blog.

The second PowerApp in the series is the Shoutout PowerApp.  You read more about the Shoutouts PowerApp on the PowerApps team blog here.  The Shoutouts PowerApp allows you to send a note of appreciation to your coworkers.  This fun app encourages coworkers to share job-related compliments, personalize them with custom pictures, and includes automated email notifications sent to recipients’ managers.  By leveraging the power of Microsoft Graph APIs and a single excel table, the Shoutouts experience includes a rich social feed – a first for a PowerApps template!

Here is a video of the functionality the Shoutout PowerApp provides and how to set it up to work in your own organization.  Keep an eye on my blog and YouTube channel for deep dive development videos on this PowerApp and the others we are currently working on!

4 responses on “Shoutouts PowerApp Demo Walkthrough & Setup Instructions

  1. Andrew says:

    This is an amazing application. I’ve tested both the tablet and the phone version. Do you think users within companies that accesses office 365 with addresses but use @company email addresses will have trouble sending the emails?