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SharePoint Fest Denver 2012 - Session Materials

Thanks to everyone who attended my sessions at the SharePoint Fest – Denver conference this week!  I really enjoyed presenting to some excellent audiences who posed several great questions.  Several folks asked if they could get a copy of the slide decks I used in my presentations so I’ve posted them to my blog.  You can find them at the links below.

Creating Internet Facing Websites with SharePoint 2010

Mobile Application Development and Integration With SharePoint

One response on “SharePoint Fest Denver 2012 – Session Materials

  1. Melyssa says:

    Hi Todd, I attended your session on mobile app development (which was great, by the way!), and I think you mentioned that you could send the code if requested? I would really appreciate it if you didn’t mind emailing it to me. I included my email address in the form. Let me know if you need it again. Thank you so much! Melyssa