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HOW TO: Use SharePoint Document Libraries In PowerApps

22 May 2019


 May 22, 2019

The Microsoft PowerApps team just released some great new functionality we’ve all been waiting for – the ability to connect to SharePoint Document Libraries from PowerApps!

I immediately took the new features for a spin and recorded a video about it.  In the video I demonstrate how to use to SharePoint Document Libraries in PowerApps.

The following concepts are shown:

  • Connecting to the data
  • Displaying metadata about the document
  • Displaying thumbnail pictures for the author and the person who last modified the document
  • Displaying thumbnails of the documents
  • Launching the documents in separate browser tabs to view and edit them
  • Playing audio and video files in separate browser tabs and in PowerApps


Learn more here:

Get the PowerApp I show in the video here:

PS. Can you find the hidden marmot in the picture at the top of this post?

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